What is HMO


HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) is a property that is shared by three or more tenants who are not members of the same family. Depending on the exact type of HMO some landlords must have a licence from the council.


Key Points

  • HMOs are far more profitable to run than other types of residential lettings.
  • They require far more time and effort in terms of management.
  • They require more in terms of initial investment to meet stringent health & safety regulations.
  • Some types of HMO require the landlord to be licensed by the council


The Housing Act 2004 has introduced strict penalties for failing to comply with HMO Regulations. Currently the fine is unlimited.


This is rather scary, so our advice is to get a HMO specialist agent who is well informed and qualified to let and manage your HMO property.


Mr Simon Sharples LLM – has studied this area in depth. Whenever we are in doubt we seek his legal advice.


We can remove all the challenges you face in letting and management of HMO and give you a good return. We have done this to several landlords who are very happy and continue to stay with us. We are happy to provide HMO landlord references on request.


For more information please email or contact our HMO Specialist Department and ask for Sham De Marco on 020 7361 7972 or email sham@interlet.com.


Interlet - HMO Specialist


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