Pet Lovers, we are here for you!


We have become a nation of pet lovers, dogs, cats and even snakes! But unfortunately we live in a world where keeping them at home isn’t so easy. It has become more acceptable for landlords to consider pets in their homes as they only require an additional 2 weeks deposit to cover damage bringing it to a total of 8 weeks deposit. They might also require a Pet Rider agreement with a clause.



“It is further agreed between the landlord and tenant that the landlord grants permission for the tenant to keep a pet {insert animal type and breed} named {insert animal name}  (“The Pet”) in The property for the duration of the tenancy. The tenant agrees not to keep or permit to be kept on the property any further pets or animals of any description without the previous consent in writing of the landlord.”



“The tenant hereby undertakes and agrees to remedy and pay for any damage caused to the property and/or contents of the property which shall have been caused by the pet residing in the property. For the avoidance of doubt any such damage shall not be deemed to be fair wear and tear.“
“The Tenant agrees to pay for the professional cleaning of the property at the end of The Tenancy including the cleaning of all carpets and treating the property for fleas and mites.”


On another note here is a scary story of a “Pet Lover”



A funny yet terrifying story; if you own a snake, make sure you never sleep with it. A lady had been sleeping with her pet snake everyday for 7 years and one day her snake stopped eating. After several weeks of trying everything to get her snake to eat, she decided to take it to the vet. The woman explained her predicament and the vet asked her if it had been snuggling with her and stretching itself out. She replied “Yes, and I’m sad because I can’t do anything to help him feel better.”
The vet then tells her that he’s not sick but actually preparing himself for a large meal; basically, he wants to eat her. Snakes expand in size and starve themselves in order to digest their pray! Be careful and beware!


Pet Lovers, we are here for you!

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Posted on Nov 08 2017 by Interlet international lettings and management

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