Clear your winter blues with some Spring Cleaning:




  1. Move-it (Wash the windows, let the light in.)
    As the weather gets better and the days longer, you’re likely to throw back the curtains or shutters to let in the light. But you might get a shock at how dirty your windows have got over the winter months.
    So, while it may sound like basic advice, getting a window cleaner round – or tackling the job yourself – is a simple way to prepare your home for spring and to make sure your property is as bright as it can be.
  2. Accessorise (Easily done)
    If your sofa is looking a bit tired, it may not be financially viable to buy a new one. But a few cushions or a new throw may be exactly what it needs to bring it back to life.
    Buying new soft furnishings is an affordable way to keep up with this year’s interior trends without breaking the bank.
    New bedding or towels in the bathroom are also great ways to update your living space this spring.
  3. Style (Bring the outside in)
    One simple way to uplift your living space is to introduce greenery. Plants and flowers can help make the space more aesthetically pleasing by injecting some colour – and it’s also thought that plants can increase happiness too!
    Buying potted plants means you can take them with you when you move, so you can continue to enjoy them wherever you live.
  4. Tidy (Clear the gutters)
    You may not have had the chance to get up on the ladder to clean out your gutters since the autumn and the recent storms may have caused damage too. And as you know, spring in Britain means lots of rain.
    So, it’s important to make sure any leaves and twigs have been removed that may be obstructing or blocking the water from flowing properly through the gutters. Overflowing rain water may damage the brickwork causing a bigger headache in the longer term.
  5. Escape (Get out and active in the garden)
    Of course, we live in a capital city, so not everyone has the luxury of a garden. But if you do, then there are plenty of things to do to prepare for the warmer months ahead.
    Make sure you prune any bushes and trees to improve their growth in the summer months and plant summer-flowering bulbs in early spring to brighten up your borders.
    Having a general tidy-up now will mean you’ve got more time to focus on planting and sowing when the time’s right.
  6. Redecorate (A lick of paint goes far…)
    Redecorating your property throughout may be an expensive and time-consuming task, painting a feature wall in the reception room or kitchen is a quicker and easier way to breathe a breath of fresh air into the space.
    Subtle green and blue shades are a great way to add colour to your home and won’t date too quickly. They’re also easier on the eye than bolder colours and more straightforward to accessorise.


For all your spring cleaning needs don’t forget to have a M.A.S.T.E.R. plan. For all your; decorating, handyman or refitting services contact Masterman & Co, a construction design management firm, located in Kensington. We have partnered with them for multiple projects and they have always delivered a ***** service for us and all of their clients. S.Iswaran (Manager) has fantastic focus and one of the best eyes in the business, if you’re looking for guaranteed quality he’s your ‘Masterman’.


The image is from a recent project by Masterman&Co in Highgate, currently available for let. The former house of Legendary British prog-rock band Pink Floyd. The houses have had extensive work done to bring them into the 21st century by an award winning design team at Masterman&Co.


Clear your winter blues with some Spring Cleaning:

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