Interlet's guide to finding your ideal student accommodation…


You’re about to go on your thrilling university journey, after all those exams and studies, you’ve made it! You’re deciding how you’ll decorate your new room and enjoying your new found freedom, then you remember you also have to decide where you’re going to live.

Selecting your housing is one of the most significant things you’ll have to do before you start your course. From student housing, private student developments or university-managed halls the choices are endless. At Interlet we have housed thousands of students over the past 20 years. Students from UCL, Queen Mary, Brunel University, Goldsmiths, Imperial College and many more, believe Interlet offers a caring and personalised service.

Whether you are looking for a flat, studio or house share Interlet are able to help and we have also decided to untangle your choices, making the process easier for you all by writing a manual on student renting.

Most importantly, you have to decide what you will be able to afford before house hunting. You will need to pay water, internet, TV license, gas and phone bills as well as food and everyday bits and pieces. It may help to plan your budget and how much you are willing to spend on accommodation alone, that way you can have a clear strategy. An advantage of being a student is that you don’t have to pay council tax, but if you do choose to live with non-students you will be required to do so.

Another important factor will be the location. Most universities have recognised student housing areas, so it would be worth enquiring on this. Remember, if you have an early lecture or seminar it would help to be as close to your university as possible. If you are driving, enquire on if you have parking available and if you will need a parking permit. If you are using public transport links plan your journey ahead. Here at Interlet one of our mottos are ‘Prepare to be Prepared!’

We can all agree, selecting a letting agent is also a very important factor. Once you know your budget and your location, you need to find an agent that will make the process as stress-free as possible. Lettings agents have to sustain standards throughout their properties. At Interlet, our members of staff aim to provide a friendly, supportive and caring service to house our students.

We have heard many stories of conflict between housemates in student housing. That is why this factor is also vital! Incompatible lifestyles and character clashes can cause unhappiness and hassle… we can all reach agreement that this isn’t ideal especially around exam time. You are signing a legally binding contract that you cannot just walk away from, therefore choosing housemates, having good communication and being able to work together to share responsibility is important.

Once all of the above factors have been decided, you’ve found a property, perfect location, friendly and helpful letting agents and find the perfect housemates (if you decide to share). You get to the intimidating part of it all, the contract. You must read the contract carefully, and know what you are signing for. The most common mistake for students is that they don’t read through the contract to understand what they are signing. The most common type of contract for students is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy also known as AST. The name of all occupants will probably be held equally liable. This means that you are all lawfully accountable for the lease, not just your own percentage, even if someone leaves. You may also be asked to provide a guarantor who consents to legal and financial obligation should anyone fail to pay their rent.

So, you’re about to move in and make your dream a reality! You must remember to notify the utility companies that you are moving in, give them the gas and electricity meter readings, date you are moving in and the names of all the tenants. This guarantees you share duty between your housemates regarding your payments. Report any glitches or damages that happen and keep copies as you will need evidence that it has been reported. When you move out, leave the property in the same state as the day you arrived. You will need to contact your letting agent at least one month before you move out and they will be able to explain the process of you reclaiming your deposit.


If you are looking for a flat, studio or a flat/ house share, Interlet is the agent for you. Stick with us and we promise to house you. We also support students with the whole letting process, including advice and guidance. Email or call 020 795 65 25 for more details.

Interlet's guide to finding your ideal student accommodation…

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