Axe That Tax


There are almost 10 million rented homes in the UK. This includes 4.3million social rented and 5 million private rented. Housing associations and landlords have a legal requirement to ensure that these homes are safe.

Residential safety products and services are currently taxed at 20% VAT. This includes smoke alarms, annual gas safety checks, fire assessments and carbon monoxide detectors.

The AXE THE TAX campaign argues there is a strong ethical argument for removing VAT charged on products and services whose sole purpose is to save lives.

Annual MOT inspections, which are also intended to save lives, are zero-rated as well as safety products in newly constructed homes. In contrast, the price of residential safety products is inflated by a 20% VAT charge. The VAT tax income currently generated from safety products charged at 20% is in excess of £200million each year.

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Axe That Tax

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Posted on May 01 2018 by Interlet international lettings and management

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