Royal Wedding


At Interlet we LOVE a royal wedding! The effect of this weekend’s event will cause a feel good factor to spread throughout the country, and we believe it has come right on time. With the public being somewhat worn out by Brexit confusion, we all need a bit of excitement and joy.

 The month of May is  known as an positive time of year, with warm summer months ahead after such a extensive winter. This is the perfect  time for a house move! The economy is steady, with sustained low interest rates, the highest employment levels for 42 years and the realisation that the Brexit effect, may be tamer than some predictions.

 Many people have been reluctant to move in the recent times This has created a downward spiral in the property market. Many have delayed selling as they felt there was not enough choice for the onward purchase. This created a vicious cycle for properties in London At Interlet, we are now seeing a more positive outlook, with more and more buyers coming into the market, possibly prompted by reports of slowing, house prices in some areas.

 So once the street parties are over, the confetti cleared up and Harry and Meghan have been waved off on their honeymoon, why not benefit from the 2018 feel good factor? If a move could suit your lifestyle plans, why not call us to see how we can help you make a big day of your own.

Royal Wedding

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Posted on May 18 2018 by Interlet international lettings and management

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