Development of Interlet, West London Property and the World Cup!


1966 – Triumph for England

The England-hosted world cup in 1966 brought joy to fans of the home nation, as Bobby Moore captained England to a glorious success that will long be remembered. However, the housing market at that time was rather different from the present day, with the average UK house priced at just £4,000 (equivalent to roughly £61,000 in today’s money). Since then, house prices in Kensington have mirrored England’s 1966 ascent to the top of the world – by rising to the top of all UK constituencies.


1970-1997 – House prices soar as Argentina, West Germany and Brazil dominate

1970 saw the beginning of a new Conservative Government under Edward Heath, and the domination of probably the greatest Brazilian national team of all time. However, they were not to win again until 1990, and by 1974, West Germany had taken over as champions of the world – but that was not the only thing to have radically changed! By the time Harold Wilson’s Labour government had taken over in the same year, house prices in Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham, Westminster and Hammersmith had increased by a staggering 188% in just 4 years. 5 years later, following Argentina’s 1978 triumph on home soil, properties in these areas had increased a further 100% in value.

However, it was during the 18 years for which the Conservatives were in power from Margaret Thatcher in 1979 through to John Major in 1997 that property prices showed their biggest surge. There was a large upswing all across the UK, but particularly in Chelsea and Kensington, where prices rose by 639% and 813% respectively. Such statistics are perhaps even more unbelievable than Maradona’s famous “hand of god” incident in 1986 and England failing to even qualify in 1994! Interlet was founded in Kensington a year later and has flourished ever since.


1997-2009 – England falter but Interlet begins to thrive

As England disappointingly went out on penalties (as usual) at France ‘98, Interlet was quickly growing from a 2 man operation into a team of more than 20. During the following ten years, while Brazil re-established themselves at the top of the footballing world in 2002 and Italy capitalised after Zidane’s moment of madness in 2006, property in West London was still increasing in value at a steady 20% per annum, and Interlet now had its own premises on Abindgon road as a result of its hard work and excellent reputation.


2010 Onwards – Continued success in London amid World Cup drama

The 2010 South African world cup brought a sea of vuvuzelas and the controversial jabulani match ball, but while Lampard’s disallowed goal against Germany meant more disappointment for England, back in Chelsea – the home of his domestic club – house prices were still increasing at an average of 9% per annum. Four years on, as winners Germany raced to a shock 7-1 semi-final win against the hosts Brazil, Interlet was also flying, with property in Kensington and Westminster increasing by 67% and 87% respectively between 2010 and 2017.

Now, as Russia takes its turn to host the most watched football tournament in history, it might be worth keeping the other eye on Interlet’s fantastic properties throughout Kensington and West London, whose value is increasing with every penalty, controversial decision and passionate display the World Cup always brings. Although England may disappoint, our houses won’t! You’re bound to score a winner somewhere…

Development of Interlet, West London Property and the World Cup!

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