Happy Diwali


We wish you alla very Happy Diwali and welcome everyone to join us in the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The festival is a time where people clean and decorate their homes, illuminating them with Diyas (oil lamp) and praying to Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of wealth and purity.

This time of celebration is particularly important to us as our Director, Sham De Marco, is Singaporean of Hindu upbringing. At Interlet there sits a majestic statue of the Lord Ganesh – who is the remover of all obstacles. Do you know he is known by 109 names and as a result the number nine is an auspicious number for all Hindu’s?

Interlet values honesty and integrity as the key ingredients to running a successful business.

It is a great time to have some fun and laughter with friends and family.

We wish you a joyous and prosperous new year ahead.

Happy Diwali

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Posted on Nov 02 2018 by Interlet international lettings and management

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